Speed in fighting depends not just on your hands and feet in swiftness.. But other attributes such as nontelegraphic moves and awareness. Speed in fighting is to hit your foe without yourself being hit. This can only be done by hours of practice and being completely fit. Speed in fighting is no good without the power that goes with it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

One Inch Punch Documentary

This documentary covers the actual mechanics of the One Inch Punch.


Anonymous said...

One inch punch has become a gimmick, thanks to Bruce Lee. Every Wing Chung school seems to try to emulate it, and claim its some godsend. In reality, this kind of "force" is used in internal martial arts for EVERYTHING, not just one mechanical punch, shoulders, elbows, knees, head, feet, etc. It can be explained with physics, and it does depend on the longer muscles on how they contract, expand, and move accordingly with the rest of the body.

SCremiX said...

The packed muscles in bruce lee's arms gives enough power to launch a person. thats one factor. the other factors are speed and how tight your fists are.Pushing is also a factor. the one inch punch isn't a push but when you extend your arm out thats probably gunna be the biggest factor of launching the opponent

but what do i know?

just saying!