Speed in fighting depends not just on your hands and feet in swiftness.. But other attributes such as nontelegraphic moves and awareness. Speed in fighting is to hit your foe without yourself being hit. This can only be done by hours of practice and being completely fit. Speed in fighting is no good without the power that goes with it.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pi Kua Quan (劈掛拳)

The literal translation of Pi Kua Quan into English is "Axe Hitch Fist". Pi Kua Quan, a style of Traditional Chinese Kung Fu, originated in the same area of China as Baji Quan (Hebei Province in Northern China). The two styles are also closely related. Pi Kua Quan employs powerful long range palm strikes that can be executed with tremendous power. The source of Pi Kua Quan's power comes from its method of movement. The rotation of the entire body is what gives Pi Kua Quan its strength, similar to Baji Quan. Pi Kua Quan combines smooth hip movements to generate a flowing strike. Baji Quan, however, employs much shorter strikes. Power is generated from the combined rotating sweeping motions of the arms and properly balanced stance. A practitioner of Baji Quan would do well to learn Pi Kua Quan, and vice versa. The two styles share a common background and can provide a well balanced education for the traditional Kung Fu enthusiast.